Group sessions usually consist of eight to ten youth and all  participating YEAGA members.  In a circular seating arrangements, we discuss the various aspects and possible consequences of anti-social behavior, peer pressure, and other matters related to our youth. Central to our mission is to help the young participants take an honest look at their lives,and how different factors play importantrol es in their decision making process.  Once this occurs, we are able to offer guidance toward finding positive solutions to assist them towards a path for success.



Our members share a little bit of their lives in a classroom or auditorium setting.  After the groupmembers are finished with their presentations, the audience is given the opportunity to ask questions. These presentations are ideal for communicating YEAGA'S primary mission and helps the young people  (and adult guests) to become better acquainted with YEAGA members. This particular forum allows for concerns, relative to YEAGA'S mission, among kids or their caretakers to be addressed. Presentations tend to set the tone for all that follows with

"open communication" being the primary focus. 

Mentoring is neither mandatory or necessarily expected. However, YEAGA members are to remain vigilant in observing behavior that indicate where this service may be warranted.
A few of our members are currently involved with one on one mentoringsessions with our clients. These sessions run one or two hour in length each week. Mentoring sessions are strictly voluntary.

The substance abuse discussions are led by interns of the California Association of Alcoholism & Drug Abuse (CAADAC),
who are YEAGA members.Particular members are in the intern phase of the CAADAC Certification Program, and as such,lead topic discussions for drug and alcohol abuse and/or avoidance. Every YEAGA member by virtue of their profession or their infamous past, are very well versed in the signs of drug abuse and the programs and approaches that best address these issues.

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