The purpose of our Non-Profit Organization is to give back to the community, that which has been taken from many families and their children.

Hope and Self-Awareness In today’s society, we see the steady decline of academic achievement within the lower income families and communities. This is largely in part, due to our youth being wrongfully influenced by exterior factors that provide false hope and peddle shattered dreams. Our youth are struggling to fit in and they are just not sure of who they are, nor who they were meant to become.


At Y.E.A.G.A, we  pride ourselves on being able to help these teens find the missing element that plagues them internally:

their identity .


We help to teach that which cannot be taught by force none violence. We teach them to identify with-in themselves the missing component that can bring clarity as to why they do what they do and respond in the fashion in which they respond. 



 Cognitive Thinking and Cognitive Behavior. 




By giving our youth the proper tools, in which to identify, (through examples of experience and consequences) they learn to become self-aware within themselves and our communities. They learn who they are and who they were not meant to become (High School Drop-outs, Drug Addicts, Criminal Street Gang members)




 At Y.E.A.G.A, we are committed to working with our youth in Group Sessions, Family Sessions, and on a personal (one on one) Tutorial Sessions. Our facilitators are Youth Mentors with the same views and aspirations of building a better community, one youth at time, in order to secure a brighter future for a better tomorrow.




The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil, is for good men to do nothing.
                         By Edmund Burke


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